Another Myth Debunked

There is another brain related myth that is repeated at least as often as the one about two hemispheres, and it is the myth about how we are only using 10% of our brain. While it may be a rather optimistic and promising idea, we are sad to say that it is completely false. Even though you may have heard this a number of times, sometimes even from people that you normally trust to be well informed, this myth has been debunked a number of times.

There are a number of pieces of evidence that clearly indicate the falsehood of this belief. First of all, it has been clearly shown that a human’s brain uses approximately one fifth of the body’s energy, and this clearly wouldn’t be the case if we only used a fragment of our brain.

Secondly, it makes little sense that evolution would allow or require the development of the brains the size of ours, if we were only able to use a small portion of them, especially when you consider the energy that they use.

Also, brain scans performed on people while they were engaged in some of the completely mundane and simple activities, such as listening to music, talking or even simply walking, show that all parts of the brain are active, even when engaged with such simple tasks.

Finally, the most conclusive and irrefutable piece of evidence is found in the results of various brain mapping procedures. Numerous analyses were performed, and all parts of the human brain exhibited some sort of activity. This would definitely not be the case if the astounding 90% of it was dormant.

Even though the idea of human potential being ten times greater than what we are currently exhibiting is rather hopeful and nice, learning the truth about this shouldn’t demoralize you, instead try looking at it another way, at least you are not wasting 90% of your potential.

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